Top Benefits of Hiring the Top DUI Defense Lawyer

Hiring the best D.U.I. lawyer to represent you has three main advantages: knowledge, reputation and results; if your lawyer does not have all three, you risk losing a case you may have won. This could mean more time in prison, more fines and fees, and tougher penalties on your driver’s license. Defending drunk driving is one of the most complex areas of criminal law practice. Not only are laws complex, but effective defense for drunk driving requires a lot of scientific preparation.

The law on drunk driving is constantly evolving. In the last six months alone, two major amendments have been made to the Act, namely the Sobriety Courts Act and the Dui Act. These laws have changed the way in which drunk driving cases are dealt with from start to finish, and have changed and increased penalties, including imprisonment for drunk driving for the first time. Because the changes are so fast, only experts can keep up to date. In addition to the complexity of the law, there is the complexity of science.

Almost every case of DUI involves a chemical test, and if your lawyer does not have a thorough knowledge of the science behind the test, he or she will not be able to defend it properly. Your lawyer’s reputation is also important. If you sit in a courtroom and see how judges, prosecutors and court staff treat different lawyers, you are sure to see the difference. A reputable lawyer is more likely to be created when he says something positive about you or your case, and when he says “ready for trial,” it means something. Often, based solely on reputation, the best lawyers in the D.U.I. can achieve results that ill-informed and unrecognized lawyers cannot. A lawyer’s knowledge and reputation should produce results.

D.UI’s cases are the hardest to defend, and frankly, no lawyer can win them all. But an experienced, competent and reputable lawyer will surely find a way to achieve results in cases where other lawyers might consider lost. Another advantage of a high-level lawyer is his staff. The only way to be a top class lawyer is to have a quality support team. This includes a team of lawyers as well as support staff. There is no substitute for other lawyers in your office to discuss your case. A team will always find a better solution to a problem than a person. In addition, having litigation support as legal assistants helps a good lawyer achieve results because he can effectively use the work that needs to be done. Many defence lawyers do not have staff at all, or just a secretary to answer the phone. It is unlikely that such a lawyer will spend as much time developing a winning strategy as a senior DUI lawyer with significant support staff.

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