Lawyers – Types

Lawyers who use the law in the public interest are known as the Environmental Law Service (ELS). It was established as a volunteer organization by students from Masaryk University in 1995. Its main objective is to protect the environment and human rights and to facilitate access to the courts by teaching them the law.

Different types of lawyers can be considered as follows.

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A business lawyer is essential for any business. They have answers to all questions and questions related to the company. In addition, they have many contacts with other people who facilitate the activity. They also give advice on tax matters.

Criminal Lawyers — Criminal lawyers are those who work on criminal-related issues. In the case of crimes such as fraud, murder, bank theft, etc., they can work to prove their client’s innocence or reduce the charges against them.

Tax Lawyer — A tax lawyer is someone who helps you with tax matters. They are essential for both individuals and small businesses. They can help you make the right decision about the impact of each decision on your tax rate. Administrative lawyers are lawyers who deal with legal matters in a given area. They can work on both political and social issues.

Bankruptcy Lawyer — If a person goes bankrupt, they must prove that they are bankrupt from the bank in order to borrow money from the bank. Bankruptcy lawyers prove to banks that you can no longer pay your debts.

Car Accident Lawyer — When two victims of a car accident appear before the courts to settle a debt between themselves because insurance companies are unable to do so, auto accident lawyers play the role of proving the guilt of the other person and obtaining a compensation for their injuries.

Civil lawyers SLE — deal with all sorts of domestic problems. In all that is informal, civil lawyers take care of them. These are the fundamental problems that ordinary people face every day.

Corporate lawyers — it is lawyers who guarantee the legality of transactions between two companies.

Defender — These lawyers defend their clients by proving that they are not guilty of what they are charged.

Divorce Lawyer — These lawyers help to prove in court that the couple is totally incompatible and must be separated. They also determine who should receive 50 -50% of the amount of divorce.

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