Analysis of the Biological Clock Decision


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“analysis of the mechanism decision”

We are to seek out |searching for”> trying to find a solution to question what’s the optimal time to start out trying to conceive a baby for knowledgeable woman and in fact there are numerous factors thati t’s just about impossible to think through all of them so why to not employ a choice analysis here and therefore the model we use it’s a simplified one among course but it finds the customer it helps to find the balance between three objectives social life business life and family life

the reason a model could be helpful is there’s such a lot complexity with the emotions and therefore the thinking that one does about the matter it’s hard to try to to that well in there one’s head without assistance therefore the model may be a thanks to put the parts together make some sense out of it and lend some insights for better informed choices we considered three big objectives to include what was important to a lady professional objectives that has the varsity aspects then the career aspects of life social life that has fun and delight and experiences with anybody aside from family then family life which incorporates the whole joy and experiences together with your child

given the varying with the time preference is given the decreasing with age probability of conception when all that’s combined together there’s a solution for a specific woman given her particular preferences what’s an optimal time for that specific woman to possess a baby what the model doesn’t dois it doesn’t provide a universal answer to the question for each woman what the model does though it provides an approach the way to answer that question fora particular woman in fact I run the model for myself and found out what my optimal age would be and that i also found out these sensors the sensitivity analysis to work out how that might depend upon various factors if my preferences change your probability of going to this exact point of my career will change, so over all the model just helped me to know better how even what factors are important in making that call .

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