An Astronomer Responds To Flat Earth Theory

I’m dr. Stewart Clark I’m an astronomer and I’m the author of the unknown universe it’s so clearly obvious that the planet isn’t flat.

we see when ships leave the harbor you’ll see as they gradually disappear below the horizon you’ll see if you go up onto a tall tower or a hill and you see more over the horizon all our physics is made now the physics of orbits actually things going round the earth is all constructed with this with three dimensional spherical world and therefore the pictures from from space show our world as a globe and yet somehow oh yeah there are some some folks that still seem to believe that the world is flat

so as citizenry we love stories because stories add up of our lives of our world they endow it with meaning and that they are often understandable science may be a way of constructing what we hope is may be a true story something that’s is demonstrably true through experiment but as we see throughout the ages the prevailing scientific theories of the day are often overturned as we move to more precise understanding of the universe around us
and generally speaking those become more complicated so there’s a bent for people to reject that reality the science of the day and just fall back on uncomfortable myths things that make them feel reception things that make them during a much happier that they know what’s happening

maybe this is often obsession with Flat Earth the Flat Earth is one among those well maybe they’re just people just contrary and that i don’t know it’s one among those things that I find it so difficult to urge my head around I mean i actually do my very own pet theory is that they’re just doing it for comic effect just to ascertain how far they will push it imagine for a flash that yet the world that the world was flat well what proportion thickness does it then have these are the type of questions you’d need to ask you recognize you’ve got a foothold well would things fall off the sting well how does one generate gravity to form the items for what’s it there’s actually causing the gravity to form
things fall ? off the off the top a flat surface is fairly unstable to the opposite forces it might it might be flexible and moved around I it’s hard to even begin actually to speak about what what a flat earth would be like because it’s with great care impossible.

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